“Theory instructs us that we should work from a foundation of sound principles, and these principles, rather than going against nature, must serve to perfect it with the aid of art.”

F.R. de la Gueriniere

Welcome to Simple Gifts Farm, Equestrian Riding School. Professional, certified Horse-boarding-riding-lessons-33horseback riding instruction in a relaxed and friendly environment. Whether you have never ridden a horse, are a beginner or an advanced rider, we can design a program to foster your individual progress and improve your riding.

We believe that our experiences with horses also convey essential truths about ourselves learned in the process of striving for improvement. Riding, like life, is a journey of personal growth encountered in responding to challenges presented and the joy experienced in each lesson and at each level.

Situated on 56 acres in a quiet country setting in Northwest Montgomery County. The historic 200 year old farmhouse and barn overlook meticulously maintained pastures, an all-weather, lighted riding arena and acres of open fields for trail riding and cross country practice. And we are within hacking distance of the Perkiomen Trail and only a short trailer ride to the trails at Green Lane Park.

valley_barn_horse-boarding-horse99We recently meticulously renovated Valley Barn at Simple Gifts Farm, as a full service boarding facility committed to the care of your horse.

At Simple Gifts Farm, owned and operated by Anita Imms, we believe that it is a gift to develop a relationship with a horse, a gift founded on trust and confidence. It is fostered by consistent work, and sound and established classical riding principles. No matter your riding experience we can design a program for your individual progress and improve your riding.

Riders learn that horses are not to be forced to carry us in a particular way, but that it is the rider’s goal to assist the horse in finding their balance and allowing their natural movements to develop to their fullest potential.

Safe schoolmaster horses are the best teachers of all, allowing each student to develop increased detail-riding-lessons-simple-gifts-equestrianleadership qualities, communication skills, self-confidence, self-control, balance, patience, compassion and more. Students receive hands-on experience at all levels of ability. During the process, students explore the role of their body in communication between horse and rider and experience the impact of working with the horse through a shared understanding of rhythm and security.



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