“In training one always wants to go too fast. To arrive quickly, do not hurry but be firmly assured of each step. Demand often, be content with little, reward a lot. ”

F. de Kerbech

At Simple Gifts Farm Equestrian School, it is our mission with riding lessons is to develop safe, confident, independent, thinking riders by providing the skills to discover the proper means of communication, the correct understanding of relationship, and a solid foundation for trust between you and the horse.

Horses are the medium through which learning takes place at an equestrian riding school. The ultimate goal of every riding lesson is to help the student to discover a greater understanding and increased awareness of themselves, how their actions influence the horse and how to understand the horse’s response – in short to help the student discover their role in the education of the horse.

Horses are living, breathing classrooms. Coming into a lesson, they have no agenda; no opinions. The behavior of the horse is honest and forthright – they will tell you when you are being an effective rider and when you are not. Horses teach us to differentiate fact from opinion, recognize truth from desire and respond in reality rather than perception.

Private lessons are offered in one hour and one-half hour blocks.
enables the student to focus on specific needs with individual attention.
Semi-private lessons (one hour) limited to two riders of complementary ability.
Group lessons (one hour) limited to four riders of complementary ability.
Students are welcome to trailer in or to have lessons at their barn by appointment.

Please contact Anita for current rates.

Also available:
Working student positions:
An excellent opportunity to learn correct horsemanship and riding
for those desiring to work in exchange for lessons.
Ages 13 and above.

Contact Anita for an interview.

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